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^: Fernandez-Aparicio M.; Andolfi A. ; Evidente A.; Perez-de-Luque A.; Rubiales D.
^: Fenugreek root exudates show species-specific stimulation of Orobanche seed germination [ . (. )]
^: Weed Research, 2008; Vol.48,N 2. - P. 163-168
^: 2008
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^: Various Orobanche species are weedy and cause severe reduction in the yields of many important crops. The seeds of these parasitic weeds may remain dormant in the soil for many years until germination is stimulated by the release of a chemical signal from a host plant. In order to determine the effects of fenugreek root exudate on the induction of Orobanche crenata, Orobanche ramosa and Orobanche foetida seed germination, root exudate was collected from hydroponically grown fenugreek seedlings. Fractionation patterns obtained from column and thin layer chromatography of the fenugreek root exudate showed a set of metabolites differing in their polarity with stimulatory activity on Orobanche seed germination. The crude root exudate stimulated both O. ramosa and O. crenata seed germination to the same level caused by the synthetic germination stimulant GR24 at 10 mg L−1. It also stimulated O. foetida seed germination which did not respond to GR24. Active fractions of root exudate stimulated the germination of Orobanche species differentially. aref1

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