Ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, 2010; vol.47 N 1 (pdf)
Genetic Resources.  
Milosevic M., Dragin S., Stegic M. The importance of genetic resources and means of their preservation.
Mikic A., Mihailovic V., Cupina B., Dordevic V., Stoddard F.L. Introduction of novel crops in Serbia - White lupin (Lupinus albus).
Mihailovic V., Mikic A., Vasic M., Cupina B., Duric B., Due G., Stoddard F.L., Hauptvogel P. Neglected legume crops of Serbia - Faba bean (Vicia faba).
Genetics and breeding.  
Przulj N., Momcilovic V., Nozinic M., Jestrovic Z., Pavlovic M., Orbovic B. Importance and breeding of barley and oats.
Mihailovic V., Mikic A., Katic S., Karagic D., Milosevic B. Potential of field pea for forage and grain protein yields.
Soil Microbiology.  
Milosevic N., Sekulic P., Cvijanovic G. Microorganisms as bioindicators of pollutants in soil.
Economic Analysis.  
Vlahovic B., Tomic D., Puskaric A. Price parities of chosen inputs and basic agricultural products in Serbia.
Genetics and Breeding.  
Hristov N., Mladenov N., Mladenovic G., Kovacevic N., Statkic S. Milijana - a new winter wheat variety.
Hristov N., Mladenov N., Duric V., Kondic-Spika A. Effect of genotype x environment interaction on wheat dough energy.
Kondic-Spika A., Kobiljski B., Marjanovic M., Hristov N. In vitro evaluation of boron tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes.
Genetics and Breeding.  
Stojakovic M., Ivanovic M., Jockovic D., Bekavac G., Purar B., Nastasic A., Stanisavljevic D., Mitrovic B., Treskic S., Laisic R. NS hibridi kukuruza u proizvodnim rejonima Srbije.
Bekavac G., Purar B., Jockovic D., Stojakovic M., Ivanovic M., Malidia G., Treskic S., Nastasic A., Dolapcev S., Stanisavljevic D., Mitrovic B. Combined family selection for tolerance to corn reddening.
Crop Management.  
Latkovic D., Marinkovic B., Crnobarac J., Bogdanovic D., Jockovic D. Influence of nitrogen fertilization rates on grain yield of maize inbred lines.
Pejic B., Maksimovic L., Milic S., Simic D., Miletaski B. Effect of readily available water deficit in soil on maize yield and evapotranspiration.
Crop Protection.  
Malidza G., Bekavac G., Capelja V. Effect of safener cyprosulfamide on isoxaflutole selectivity towards maize inbred lines.
Oil Crops.  
Genetics and Breeding.  
Miklic V., Balalic I., Jocic S., Marinkovic R., Cvejic S., Hladni N., Miladinovic D. Stability estimation for seed and oil yield of NS sunflower hybrids in small-plot trials and recommendations for 2010 sowing season.
Cvejic S., Jocic S. Development of ornamental sunflower hybrids.
Taski-Ajdukovic K., Radic V., Jevtic A., Canak P., Vujakovic M., Miklic V. Comparative analysis of laboratory and field procedures for testing genetic purity of sunflower parent lines.
Marinkovic R., Marjanovic-Jeromela A., Mitrovic P., Milovac Z. Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) as a protein plant species.
Crop Management.  
Balalic I., Crnobarac J., Marinkovic B., Miklic V., Stojsin V. AMMI model in the evaluation of hybrid x sowing date interaction for seed yield and oil content in sunflower.
Marjanovic-Jeromela A., Marinkovic R., Miladinovic D., Miladinovic F., Jestrovic Z., Stojsin V., Miklic V. Effect of environment on rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) yield.
Economic Analysis.  
Popovic R., Stojsin V., Stantic M., Knezevic M., Stavljanin B. Economics of rapeseed production in Serbia.
Crop Management.  
Dukic V., Dordevic V., Popovic V., Balesevic-Tubic S., Petrovic K., Jaksic S., Dozet G. Effect of nitrogen and Nitragin application on soybean yield and protein content.
Economic Analysis.  
Bosnjak D., Rodic V. Economic analysis of soybean production in Vojvodina.
Forage Crops.  
Genetics and Breeding.  
Katic S., Milic D., Mihailovic V., Vasljevic S., Karagic D. Effects of heterosis for yield and yield components obtained by crossing divergent alfalfa populations.
Katic S., Milic D., Mihailovic V., Karagic D., Pojic M. Yield, yield components and dry matter digestibility of alfalfa experimental populations.
Vasiljevic S., Mihailovic V., Katic S., Mikic A., Karagic D. Potential for yield in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) varieties.
Pataki I., Katic S., Mihailovic V., Milic D., Vasiljevic S., Mikic A. Use of hybridization (F1) in forage sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) breeding.
Karagic D., Mihailovic V., Katic S., Mikic A., Milic D., Vasiljevic S., Milosevic B. Seed yield components and seed yield of winter vetch species (Vicia spp.) depending on row spacing.
Sugar Beet.  
Genetics and Breeding.  
Curcic Z., Danojevic D., Nagl N. Combining abilities and mode of inheritance for some root characteristics in sugar beet.
Crop Management.  
Rajic M., Pejic B., Milic S., Stojakovic Z. Effects of irrigation dates and rates on absolute seed weight in sugar beet seeds of different fractions.
Crop Management.  
Cabilovski R., Manojlovic M., Bogdanovic D. Fertilization effect on yield and nitrate content in organically produced lettuce.
Milic S., Bosnjak D., Maksimovic L., Pejic B., Sekulic P., Ninkov J., Zeremski-Skoric T. Potato yield, and yield structure depending on irrigation.
Food Safety.  
Bursic V., Lazic S., Sunjka D., Ilic Z., Vukovic S. Determination of maleic hydrazide residues in onion.
Heavy Metals.  
Ninkov J., Zeremski-Skoric T., Sekulic P., Vasin J., Milic S., Papric D., Kurjacki I. Heavy metals in vineyard soils of Vojvodina province.
Zeremski-Skoric T., Ninkov J., Sekulic P., Milic S., Vasin J., Dozet D., Jaksic S. Heavy metal content in some fertilizers used in Serbia.
Pesticide Residues.  
Kostadinovic L., Pavkov S., Dozet G. Analysis of s-triazine herbicides in model systems and samples of groundwater by gas and liquid chromatography.
Soil Microbiology.  
Salty Soils.  
Vasin J., Milosevic N., Sckulic P., Tintor B., Ninkov J., Zeremski-Skoric T., Marinkovic J. Microbial properties in saline soils of Vojvodina Province.
Plant Protection.  
Jerkovic Z., Prijic Z. Basis of long-term decreased development of Pucinia triticina in semiarid regions.
Maksimovic U., Milic S., Vasin J., Ninkov J., Zeremski-Skoric T., Milosevic N., Marinkovic J. Results of a trial with hydrogel in cabbage production.
Dencic S., Kobiljski B., Mladenovic G., Jestrovic Z., Statkic S., Pavlovic M., Orbovic B. Variety as a factor in wheat production.
Jockovic D., Stojakovic M., Ivanovic M., Bekavac G., Popov R., Dalovic I. NS maize hybrids: today and tomorow.
Duric V., Mladenov N., Hristov N., Kondic-Spika A., Racic M. Effect of rainfalls on wheat quality in 2009 harvest season.
Przulj N., Momcilovic V. Dunav and Vrbas - new NS varieties of spring oat.
Vidic M., Hrustic M., Miladinovic J., Dukic V., Dordevic V., Popovic V. Latest NS varieties of soybean.
Cervenski J., Gvozdenovic D., Vlahovic B., Bosnjak D., Vracar L. Berba i cuvanje kupusa.
Sikora V., Berenji J. Development of broomcorn varieties at Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops Novi Sad.
Seed Production and Processing.  
Prole S., Radic V., Mrda J., Ostojic B., Jokic G., Dilvesi K., Miklic V. Hybrid sunflower seed processing at Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops.
Ratarstvo ipovrtarstvo IField and Vegetable Crops Research 2010:47 (1).
Rudolf Kastori Vaskrsija Janjic "Mehanizam delovanja pesticida".