Journal of Essential Oil Research : JEOR; Carol Stream, Sep/Oct 2003; Vol.15, Iss.5 (Agricola)
Anonymous. Credits. (из 1)
Anonymous. Table of contents. (из 1)
Jean-Francois Butaud, Phila Raharivelomanana, Jean-Pierre Bianchini, Vincent Baron. A new chemotype of sandalwood (Santalum insulare bertero ex A. DC.) from Marquesas Islands. (из 4)
Isiaka A Ogunwande, Nureni O Olawore, Kasali A Adeleke, Wilfried A Konig. Chemical composition of the essential oils from the leaves of three Eucalyptus species growing in Nigeria. (из 5)
Dragan Velickovic, Mihailo Ristic, Ana Velickovic. Chemical composition of the essential oils obtained from the flower, leaf and stem of Salvia aethiopis L. and Salvia glutinosa L. originating from the southeast region of Serbia. (из 4)
Jorge A Pino, Paulo Fernandes, Graca Freitas, Rolando Marbot. Chemical composition of the leaf oil of Juniperus cedrus Webb. et Berth. from Madeira. (из 2)
Petras R Venskutonis, Audrone Dagilyte. Composition of essential oil of sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.) leaves at different growing phases. (из 6)
Z Baher Nik, M Mirza. Composition of the essential oil of Marrubium astracanicum Jacq. (из 2)
F Sefidkon, A Akbari-nia. Essential oil composition of Nepeta pogonosperma jamzad et assadi from Iran. (из 2)
Hefzollah Mazloomifar, Mohammad Saber-Tehrani, Abdolhossein Rustaiyan, Shiva Masoudi. Essential oil of Cleome coluteoides Boiss. from Iran. (из 2)
Adnan J Al-Rehaily, Tawfeq A Al-Howiriny, Humberto R Bizzo. Essential oil of Rosa abyssinica R. Br. from Saudi Arabia. (из 2)
Nicoletta Crabas, Bruno Marongiu, Alessandra Piras, Tiziana Pivetta, Silvia Porcedda. Extraction, separation and isolation of volatiles and dyes from Calendula officinalis L. and Aloysia triphylla (L'Her.) Britton by supercritical CO2. (из 6)
Guido Flamini, Pier Luigi Cioni, Ivano Morelli, Anghe Bighelli, et al. GC/MS and (13)C-NMR integrated analyses of the essential oils from leaves, branches and female cones of Cupressus arizonica from Italy. (из 3)
Don B Clarke, Rex T Weavers, Nigel B Perry. Infraspecific variation of foliage terpenes of Podocarpus hallii. (из 4)
Robert Shellie, Philip Marriott, Giovanni Zappia, Luigi Mondello, Giovanni Dugo. Interactive use of linear retention indices on polar and apolar columns with an MS-library for reliable characterization of Australian tea tree and other Melaleuca sp. oils. (из 8)
Ian A Southwell, Michael Russell, Roslyn L Smith, Joseph J Brophy, John Day. Melaleuca teretifolia chemovars: New Australian sources of citral and 1,8-cineole. (из 3)
Ian A Southwell, Michael F Russell, Roslyn L Smith, Arthur Vinnicombe. Ochrosperma lineare, a new source of methyl chavicol. (из 2)
Ahmed A Akrout, Rachid Chemli, Monique Simmonds, Geoffrey Kite, et al. Seasonal variation of the essential oil of Artemisia campestris L.. (из 4)
Khadija Rhayour, Touria Bouchikhi, Abdelrhafour Tantaoui-Elaraki, Khalid Sendide, Adnane Remmal. The mechanism of bactericidal action of oregano and clove essential oils and of their phenolic major components on Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis. (из 7)