Journal of Fish Biology, Oct2007, Vol. 71 Issue 4 (EBSCO)
Jonsson, B.; Jonsson, N.; Hansen, L. P.. Factors affecting river entry of adult Atlantic salmon in a small river..
Steinhausen, M. F.; Steffensen, J. F.; Andersen, N. G.. The relationship between caudal differential pressure and activity of Atlantic cod: a potential method to predict oxygen consumption of free-swimming fish..
Williams, A. J.; Mapstone, B. D.; Davies, C. R.. Spatial and interannual patterns in growth of an exploited coral-reef fish..
Gregory, M. P. M.; Davis, A. R.; Ayre, D. J.. Diet and feeding periodicity of Cox"s gudgeon Gobiomorphus coxii (Krefft) in a south-eastern Australian stream..
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Hamer, P. A.; Jenkins, G. P.. Comparison of spatial variation in otolith chemistry of two fish species and relationships with water chemistry and otolith growth..
Lee, O.; Danilowicz, B. S.; Nash, R. D. M.. Small-scale variability in growth and condition of dab Limanda limanda (L.) larvae in relation to an Irish Sea tidal-mixing front off the west coast of the Isle of Man..
Heggenes, J.; Saltveit, S. J.. Summer stream habitat partitioning by sympatric Arctic charr, Atlantic salmon and brown trout in two sub-arctic rivers..
Wang, Y.; Hu, W.; Liu, W.-y.; Wang, Y.-p.; Zhu, Z.-y.. Identification and characterization of a novel splice variant of gonadotropin subunit in the common carp Cyprinus carpio..
Thibault, I.; Dodson, J. J.; Caron, F.. Yellow-stage American eel movements determined by microtagging and acoustic telemetry in the St Jean River watershed, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada..
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Meyer, W.; Seegers, U.; Stelzer, R.. Sulphur, thiols, and disulphides in the fish epidermis, with remarks on keratinization..
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Breau, C.; Cunjak, R. A.; Bremset, G.. Age-specific aggregation of wild juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar at cool water sources during high temperature events..
Alam, M. A.; Nakamura, M.. Efferent duct differentiation during female-to-male sex change in honeycomb grouper Epinephelus merra..
Li, J.; Chan, K. H. S.; Blake, R. W.; Kwok, P. Y. L.. Evaluation using multilayer perception neural networks: a case study of undulatory median fin swimming in the knifefish Xenomystus nigri..
Izzo, C.; Rodda, K.; Bolton, T.. Incorporation time of oxytetracycline into calcified structures of the elasmobranch Heterodontus portusjacksoni..
Vacchi, M.; Bussotti, S.; Miglietta, A. M.; Guidetti, P.. Presence of the Guinean puffer Sphoeroides marmoratus (Lowe, 1838) in the Mediterranean Sea..
Gisbert, E.; Lopez, M. A.. First record of a population of the exotic mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus (L., 1766) in the Mediterranean Sea basin (Ebro River delta)..
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Scenna, L. B.; de Astarloa, J. M. Diaz; Cousseau, M. B.. Abnormal hermaphroditism in the multispine skate Bathyraja multispinis (Chondrichthyes, Rajidae).. (из 6)
Mincarone, M. M.; Bernardes, R. A.; Peppes, F. V.. Occurrence of Pleuroscopus pseudodorsalis Barnard, 1927 (Uranoscopidae) near Rio Grande Plateau, western South Atlantic..
Simon, J.. Identification of fish species by an egg identification key: an alternative to the incubation of eggs and rearing of larvae for species recognition..
Clarke, Malcolm; Torricelli, Patrizia; Miller, Peter. BOOK REVIEWS.. (из 5)
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